I have known Lisa for three years now and have always found her to be a conscientious and professional Psychotherapist who works to the highest standards. I have no hesitation in recommending her.  Mike Davidson- Managing Director, Academy Psychotherapy Ltd. (Senior Lecturer, Psychology Department, Chester University ). 


I am writing to say a heartfelt thank you to you for helping my daughter Emma  with her Bulimia.  She has suffered with this condition for 3 years and finally the work that you have done with her has changed Emma in such a positive way.  She is now back at school and has not missed a day for three months! (fingers crossed).  Emma found the CBT difficult at first, but you did a great job in helping her see the benefits.  Once again thank you  so much.  Edward, Solicitor


I had never contemplated therapy, but I realised that there was potential to overcome my anxiety and the stress that it caused using therapy. I was recommended by a friend to Sunflower CBT services. At first i was skeptical about cognitive behavioural counselling, nevertheless I was shocked by its dramatic effect after just a short period.

At Sunflower CBT I felt safe to discuss my problems and in a short time my therapist recognised the components causing my anxiety, which we could then work on. The therapy did not change me, but taught me how to change the way I think and thus behaviour in situations that caused me angst. I now can give presentations and express myself in group situations a challenge I’m so happy I have defeated.

CBT has helped me move forward and live my life the way I want to. University Graduate

A heartfelt thank you for all your support with  the positive life changes i have made since I started CBT with you. I no longer feel I exhibit any symptoms of obsessions or compulsions anymore and I have so much freedom because of this. I have increased my hours at work to full time again and no longer have anxieties about my abilities. I feel confident, happy and know I have a good future. Although I made all the changes myself- you gave me the tools.

Thanks again.  Janice, NHS Manager


I had depression for 4 years on and off and had started to wonder would I feel depressed  forever. I had tried antidepressants and sleeping pills and counselling and was starting to feel desperate. Having private CBT Therapy felt like a last resort, but over 4 months you helped me turn my life around. Together we identified problem behaviours and negative thinking patterns that seemed to be habits, as I never even considered their impact. I was convicned something was wrong deep inside me, until I started CBT that is.

It  does take effort to identify patterns of negative thinking and behaviour, however it really has changed me beyond belief. I feel I am now my own therapist and make sure I have balance in my life- no more depression, I really live life now. I would recommend CBT to anyone with low self esteem, low confidence or depression- it works better than any pills.

Thank you Lisa.
Mena, Legal Secretary


I saw Lisa du Plessis privately following a car accident some time ago. I suffered with Post traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms and anxiety. The symptoms of PTSD were very disabling and I became very isolated from not driving and due to the fact I avoided any social contacts. At times I could be very irritable and  angry towards my family and could not seem to get better emotionally.

The NHS waiting list for CBT treatment was over  18 months and I knew both my family and I could not cope with my mental health the way it was. I had 14 sessions of CBT and on discharge I was completely symptom free. I had a very minor setback 3 months later and had one more session with Lisa as a top up. I feel fully recovered and cant put into words how much Lisa helped my family and I.  PK Teacher